Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Family of Six

We have some new additions to the family.

Two fire-bellied newts. Rex and Cody (from Star Wars of course). Today is pet day at school, and in a moment of weakness I headed to the pet store yesterday afternoon. I told the salesperson to give me something cheap and hearty.  Everything was great until she went to get their food.  Bloodworms (aka mosquito larvae). GROSS.  At least they come in freeze-dried squares.  I actually asked the lady if they were alive.  "No ma'am.  No one can really survive the freeze drying process."  Right. Gotcha.  I had no idea just how hearty they really are.  They can live up to thirty years!  When I informed Ben, he replied "so they are going to live longer than you?".  Kids have no filters.  I just said "yes, sweetie". 

Greg wasn't really happy with the purchase, but I'm sure they'll grow on him.  I had strict orders not to buy a dog, cat, spider, snake, rabbit, anything in the rat family, etc.  Pretty limiting, right?  Did my best.

I'm off to buy them a bigger tank today. Hearty? Yes. Cheap? No.

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