Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yesterday was SUPER PRODUCTIVE.  I started out the morning with therapy for Sadie, then made it to the gym to clear my head for an hour.  After getting Sadie down for nap, I ran errands: grocery store, fabric store, and pharmacy (you know those "mommy doesn't want another baby" pills are a necessity).  I had a $2 off coupon for anything in the store (other than prescriptions), so I picked up some yogurt bites for Sadie. When I arrived at the counter, the coupon had magically disappeared from my purse.  I combed the store inch by inch. Sadie must have thrown it out of the cart.  I know those people thought I was crazy and sooo cheap. And they are right.  I put those yogurt bites right back on the shelf and purchased that necessity.
When I arrived home, I registered Ben for Lego camp and swim lessons.  This seriously took an hour, which is ridiculous.  The swim people couldn't register me over the phone, yet their registration site has some serious kinks.  After 3 calls, I finally have him registered.  Two weeks of swim for $80.  Not bad!  Lego camp is very expensive, however.  He's been waiting for 2 years, so I made the splurge. He better love it or at least pretend like he does.
Then onto the best part!  Planning the rest of our summer vacation.  The first part has been planned for a while.
Disney!  We are staying at the Polynesian and I am getting VERY EXCITED!!! My sis is really helping me out with the planning.  That girl knows Disney!

The second part of the vacation is the beach.  We had a beach house booked in Destin, but started to panic about the oil spill and cancelled our reservation.  I have been searching for 2 weeks trying to find a new destination on the Atlantic Coast.  Everything was either booked or you had to agree to a 7 day stay (we only need 3 days). Let me rephrase that. We can only afford to go for 3 days after that Disney trip.  Finally, yesterday was my day.  I found a condo in a beautiful location that was affordable and just happened to be open only for the 3 days I needed.  It was fate!  I booked it immediately!

We are going to Cinnamon Beach

So now I can rest easy...and try to not spend ANY money between now and then!

P.S.  I am soooo thankful to my hardworking husband for allowing this vacation to be possible.  He has been working overtime to make this happen.  Love you sweetie!!

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